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With Fusion Narrate you can easily navigate through your EHR using multi-action shortcuts to eliminate repetitive tasks, prevent click fatigue and reduce provider burnout while completing charts in half the time of typing. Easily link multiple steps together and execute them with a single word; insert template text, open and search a web page, or navigate through the patient chart easily without using the keyboard or mouse.

Doctor at Computer
documentation software that works for you

Computer Assisted Physician Documentation(CAPD)

Document your patient's story

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Transform your documentation workflow by delivering real-time information relevant to the patient’s encounter during report creation utilizing the Fusion Narrate CAPD™ module. Integrated with the Fusion Narrate cloud-based speech recognition, the Fusion Narrate CAPD solution ensures patient records equate to actionable information, accelerating coding with fewer retrospective inquiries and improving patient care with an accurate and complete report from the start.

"Having used Fusion Narrate in the field, I am quite impressed with the product.  It is very simple to use and customize.  As a locum tenens ER physician, I have used all of the major speech recognition products.  In my view, efforts such as the Vision Click™ feature demonstrate the commitment to innovation that is needed to further weave speech recognition deeper into physician workflows ... this is definitely the direction we need to be going."

Tom Lang, MD  Emergency Room physician

EHR Agnostic

Fusion Narrate can speech-enable every EHR, EMR, RIS/PACS, LIS, EDIS, Microsoft® Office application, or any application. Wherever you place your cursor, Fusion Narrate will place the text; just drop the cursor and dictate! No integration necessary.

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Speech enable any application, just drop the cursor and dictate.

PC or Mac

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Dictate and send to your transcription staff for review.

Mobile Keyboard

A custom keyboard app allowing users to work securely in any app on an iOS mobile device without sacrificing HIPAA compliance.

Mobile Microphone

Download the free mobile microphone app to work with your computer, in the office or at home. Both iOS and Android devices supported.

Features IT will love

  • Centralized Administration (no license required)
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  • Supports multiple deployment options
  • No corrupt profiles
  • Optional auto updates
  • Virtualized Desktop Support