Finally, an Easy and Reliable Pathology Dictation Software

  • Foot pedal support
  • Pathology specific vocabulary
  • Multiple Microphone options
Easy to work with - Exceptional support - Untethered - Undemanding

The Dolbey Difference

Navigate your LIS easily with Fusion Narrate


Record information from slides, print labels at any time, and input diagnoses with Fusion Narrate. Use shortcuts like “print cassettes”, “sign”, “final”, “start case”, and “send to lab” to streamline the diagnostic process from starting a case to finalizing the diagnosis and signing out the case.

XIFIN LIS is a scalable, SaaS-based laboratory information system offering multi-specialty workflows and leading-edge capabilities to optimize operations for high-volume and high-complexity diagnostic testing laboratories.

Fast and Reliable

Is unplanned downtime interfering with your workflow? Fusion Narrate offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee, and an impressive record of meeting it, month after month. Improve productivity, reduce turnaround time and leave the office on time!

Want to use a Wireless Microphone?

With Fusion Narrate use your iPhone® or Android mobile phone with your computer, it's free!
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