Fusion Narrate FOR HOSPITALS

You’ll love how Fusion Narrate …


No profiles to sync. Nothing to install. Nothing to get corrupted.

Start on your PC at the clinic.

Continue at the hospital.

Finish on your MAC at the office.

The best part: No additional fee per device.

(How much will this save you?)
Doctor at Computer

With Fusion Narrate you can easily navigate through your EHR using multi-action shortcuts to eliminate repetitive tasks, prevent click fatigue and reduce provider burnout while completing charts in half the time of typing. Easily link multiple steps together and execute them with a single word; insert template text, open and search a web page, or navigate through the patient chart easily without using the keyboard or mouse.

Fusion Narrate works in virtually any EHR or application with no integration and supports a wide range of workflows. Efficiently, completely and accurately document patient encounters

With improved efficiency, accessibility and highly accurate recognition, Fusion Narrate gives physicians more time with the patient and less time with the computer while capturing an accurate and complete patient narrative.

Doctor with Patient

Concerned About IT Support?

Fusion Narrate is IT Friendly!

  • Minimal IT resources required
  • No desktop installs required
  • Configure once – deploy to many in seconds
  • Seamless updates with no downtime!
  • Easy support via our Administrative Console

The install is so quick, I love it! It takes 5 seconds, compared to what we used to use that took 15 minutes or more. Everything about this product is amazing! Anthony Nierlich – Highpoint Health, IT Analyst