Fusion Narrate

Five Really Good Reasons Why Healthcare IT Leaders Need to Consider Fusion Narrate™ powered by nVoq™

  1. It’s a true cloud solution designed to work seamlessly in the EHR.
  2. Try before you buy and compare the experience to other products.
  3. It’s HIPAA compliant, highly reliable (Check out our uptime here), accurate and supports all medical vocabularies.
  4. Your IT budget won’t need to include redundant “local cloud” servers, network equipment, hardware upgrades or support staff to visit each desktop. Think of what you can do with all those dollars and people.
  5. Your providers will actually enjoy using it. On their PC or their Mac. In the hospital, in the clinic, in transit to a home care visit, or wherever they need to work. Nothing to synch, no voice profiles to corrupt, and no devices to register in advance.

And if those aren’t good enough, here’s five more:

  1. With Fusion Narrate you get more than just dictation. Included in the Fusion Narrate subscription price is a powerful Shortcut builder that providers can use to create customer voice commands.
  2. The no-charge Administrative Console can be IT’s labor-saving best friend for troubleshooting end user accounts centrally without the need for a physical visit, while sharing custom vocabulary, shortcuts and other automations across the organization.
  3. All upgrades and maintenance are included in the subscription price, and there’s no downtime needed for new releases.
  4. Flexible subscription terms are available.
  5. And for those providers who prefer using a wireless microphone, there’s no add-on charge for our iPhone/Android wireless microphone application.

Already invested in another speech recognition platform, or being encouraged by your EHR vendor to purchase another vendor instead? Keep this in mind:

  1. Some EHR vendors choose to market one speech recognition solution and get paid commission for doing so. They may tell you that only that product works with their EHR. WRONG!
  2. If your EHR vendor tells you only certain speech recognition solutions are ‘certified’, ask them what that really means. In most every case, we can work with you to confirm compatibility of your EHR with Fusion Narrate, free of charge, via a web meeting.

Here’s the bottom line:

Dolbey and Company, Inc. has been in business for more than 100 years. Not just any business but dictation, transcription and speech recognition. We have yet to find an application that is not compatible with Fusion Narrate. Talk to us and let us prove it.

Fusion Narrate is the option you really need, that you didn't think you had!