Integrated Work Queues

Easily integrate with your existing encoder.

Coder Productivity
Coder Productivity

Streamlined to complete more work in less time.

Flexible Workflow
Flexible Workflow

Automatic workflow for coding CDI and QA.

Code Suggestions

Automated code suggestions at the point of document creation.

KLAS Category Leader - 4 Years Strong

Fusion CAC has been named KLAS Category Leader for Computer-Assisted Coding for the past 4 years. We've been consistently recognized for our unmatched support, value, and product.

Comprehensive Workspace for CDI and Coders

By utilizing patented machine learning technology, Fusion CAC™ can increase productivity, decrease variability, and identify problems in documentation for a quick return on investment.

Receive and verify preselected codes for a faster process with more consistent results.

Send Outpatient Accounts

Send simpler outpatient accounts straight to billing with 100% accuracy.

Easily review coded events with queries, notes, codes and documents.

Route Working DRG

Route the working DRG back to CDI staff in real-time while the patient is in-house.

Prioritize, order, and assign charts to streamline your workflow.

Keep your information secure with our on-site PHI processing.

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