Unleash your speech recognition.

Fusion Narrate gives you the tools to simplify your documentation workflow with speech recognition. Enhance your workflow and rely on the service and stability Dolbey has provided for over a century.

Fusion Narrate Features
Shortcut builder

Shortcut Builder

The Shortcut Builder empowers users to create their own custom voice commands and multi-step shortcuts - no need for special tools or scripting language experience. Easily configure voice commands to automate keystrokes, macros, and web browser actions. Save time, gain productivity and eliminate click fatigue.

Insert Text
Add routine blocks of text with a simple voice command.

Open Web Pages
Access clinical reference content while dictating.

Record Keystrokes
Easily record a series of keystrokes to be replayed with a voice command.

Linked Shortcuts
Automate repetitive tasks by linking multiple shortcuts to one voice command.

Focus on Exceptions
Set up standardized templates and update just the sections that are remarkable.

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Vision Click computer tasks

Vision Click

Imagine being able to harness the power of your voice to click on anything you can see on your computer. Insert template text, open and search a website, or navigate through the patient chart easily without using the keyboard. Let Vision Click™ eliminate repetitive tasks, prevent click fatigue and reduce provider burnout while completing charts in half the time of typing and easily navigating through your EHR.

Automate web tasks with web browser automation

Browser Automation

Browser Automation allows you to repeat a series of actions on the web with a voice command. This can be used to automate repetitive actions in an EHR, navigate to a specific page, and more.

EHR Compatibility

Fusion Narrate speech-enables every EHR, EMR, RIS/PACS, LIS, EDIS, Microsoft® Office application, or any application. Wherever you place your cursor, Fusion Narrate will place the text; just drop the cursor and dictate! No integration necessary.
EHR Compatibility

Computer-Assisted Physician Documentation

Transform your documentation workflow by delivering real-time information relevant to the patient’s encounter during report creation utilizing the Fusion Narrate CAPD™ module. Integrated with the Fusion Narrate cloud-based speech recognition, the Fusion Narrate CAPD solution ensures patient records equate to actionable information, accelerating coding with fewer retrospective inquiries and improving patient care with an accurate and complete report from the start.
Computer-Assisted Physician Documentation


With the addition of the Fusion Narrate Text™ component, the option to alternate between speech recognition and traditional transcription support is available. Whether you prefer to self-edit, send-to-editor, or a combination of both, Fusion Narrate can help you meet your goals.
Smartphone Integration

Smartphone Integration

With Wireless Microphone, you can freely use your iPhone or Android mobile phone to dictate to your computer. You can use Fusion Narrate Keyboard to dictate directly into a mobile EHR or other mobile healthcare apps.
Get Wireless Microphone
Get Fusion Narrate Keyboard
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Features IT will love

  • Centralized Administration (no license required)
  • Small footprint, less than 15 MB Download
  • Supports multiple deployment options
  • No corrupt profiles
  • Optional auto updates
  • Virtualized Desktop Support

No Device Limits

Fusion Narrate can operate on an unlimited number of devices, PC or Mac. Allowing you to work where you need to when you need to, wherever your day takes you. A single cloud-based profile is shared by all devices, no need to synchronize or worry about corrupt profiles.

No Device Limits

"I am so pleased with my dictation software, Fusion Narrate. My charting time has decreased significantly since using Google Chrome automation and smart phrases. I also find that the IT support has been so helpful with all of my tech questions. I am now able to enjoy more time with my family and friends and less time charting!"

Dr. Sarpoma Sefa-Boakye, CEO of Dr. Sarpoma MD Inc and Veteran Medical Group Inc

"Fusion Narrate has really streamlined my efficiency with the use of Vision Click™. By reducing redundant, laborious tasks that are time consuming to a simple word or hotkey, I was able to label, dictate, and complete a large amount of digital documents in record time, and with record ease. I believe that a physician should not have to accommodate software, but that the software should accommodate the physician. Fusion Narrate, and its ease of customization does exactly that."

Jamie Taweel, DO Internal Medicine