Disruptive Technology – The Dolbey Difference

The strategy of directing resources at maintaining current technology being employed by larger software companies in the healthcare industry to protect their share of the market and preserve their current customer base seems practical in the short-term. However, this type of strategy can cause organizations to become complacent and opens the door for smaller, more agile organizations looking to address the long-term needs of an industry disillusioned by existing technology. Developing solutions that address the gaps in current technology and at the same time dedicating resources to create alternative technology, these organizations can become quite the disruption in the marketplace.

Dolbey and Company, Inc. has positioned itself to capture the next wave of growth. By approaching the needs of the healthcare industry from a different perspective, Dolbey is setting itself apart from the crowd with the introduction of its cloud-based voice recognition software Fusion Narrate® powered by nVoq™. Fusion Narrate utilizes the latest in machine learning and AI technology to optimize workflows with ground-breaking automations. By unleashing the power of your voice, Fusion Narrate addresses click fatigue, reduces provider burnout, utilizes precision voice commands, and provides excellent recognition all free from the constraints of being embedded.

A Disruption for Click-Fatigue

With the introduction of the Electronic Health Record (EHR), the number of clicks performed by providers on a daily basis soared. Physicians lamented the number of hours spent clicking, navigating and typing into the EHR; ultimately spending more time with the computer than they did with their patients. Frustration with the amount of time spent on non-clinical tasks that had little to do with patient care was taking a mental and financial toll.

Fusion Narrate introduced an easy-to-use Shortcut Builder that allows anyone to easily create shortcut automations without needing to know scripting or involving IT resources. By limiting, and in some cases eliminating, clicks these shortcut automations offer an alternative to the cumbersome EHR navigation healthcare providers have encountered. Dolbey’s patent-pending Vision Click™ technology is just one of the many automations available in Fusion Narrate. Using computer vision, users can create automations that will search for an area on the screen and click on it with a mouse click or trigger another action. Fusion Narrate users have created shortcuts that can be invoked by voice commands, microphone buttons or keystrokes that save hundreds of clicks a day directly impacting job satisfaction, reducing click fatigue, improving efficiency and disrupting the status quo in healthcare.

Learn more about the Dolbey Difference in our next blog post where we explore the benefits of being an independent application, free from the constraints of being embedded.

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