XIFIN LIS 7 and Dolbey Fusion Narrate: Break Free from the Keyboard with High Accuracy Speech Recognition

Physicians, pathologists and laboratory technicians rely on laboratory information systems to manage their workload and streamline the operational efficiency of the laboratory. However, they are often still tied to their keyboard when it comes to documenting sample descriptions, observations, test findings, and diagnoses. Accurate speech recognition is one of the latest tools to drive higher per FTE case throughput in the lab.
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Streamlining Diagnostic Processes: How Dolbey Fusion Narrate Integrates with XIFIN LIS 7

Thousands – or even millions – of data points can be recorded in and referenced from an LIS, but moving back and forth between the LIS and lab tests can drag down your productivity. With speech recognition, you can reference and record information in an LIS without a mouse and keyboard. One of the most powerful laboratory information systems available, XIFIN LIS 7, has now been integrated with the cloud-based speech recognition solution, Fusion Narrate®, powered by nVoq™. Through this partnership, healthcare diagnostics workers can use speech recognition to navigate the LIS.

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How to Use Macros in Your EHR to Be More Effective

So much time gets spent on documentation in your EHR that little efficiencies, like macros, can stack up to major time savings. Adding macros to your daily routine will allow you to run through each of your tasks faster.

A macro is a repeatable sequence of steps that you first record, then enable to automatically repeat the same steps on your computer any number of times. You can assign a macro to a certain key or combination of keys; you can also use voice-activated macros for EHRs to quickly navigate without using a keyboard or mouse.
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Remote Care in 2020: New Telehealth Trends, Benefits & Challenges

The coronavirus pandemic has forced healthcare providers to ramp up their telehealth services. Telehealth may seem like a temporary solution, but it’s here to stay. In fact, telehealth is one of the top 10 trends to leverage this year.  It’s important for your health practice to know the current trends, potential benefits, as well as challenges in this switch to online healthcare.

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7 Ways to Improve Your Medical Office Efficiency

Medical practices today are facing a larger set of problems than ever before. From increasing patient satisfaction levels to choosing and implementing the best technologies, here are ways that medical offices can improve efficiency.

New technologies and automations have changed how medical professionals approach each problem, which has improved the patient experience. with wide-reaching long-term benefits.

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Streamlining Dictation for Healthcare with Speech Recognition

Transcription takes a long time. After recording a dictation, the recording gets transferred and downloaded, then interpreted, transcribed, and reviewed. In this article, we’ll examine how to streamline dictation for healthcare and reduce transcription time with speech recognition.

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The Rise of Digital Health & How it Helps Improve Patient Care

We become more digital every day. We order our groceries online, shop for clothing online, research online, read online, and can even attend medical consultations online.

We’re shifting to a digital-driven environment and as time passes by, we’re hungry for more. Digital health may be the next big step.

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Save Time & Treat More Patients: How Voice Technology Can Help Different Medical Practices

Voice technology has become an integral part of our daily lives without us even noticing. All of our smart devices – TVs, phones, watches, computers, and speakers – have made it easy to get what you want with just your voice . You can call your best friend, hear the latest news, do some online shopping, play music or even control your house’s lighting by issuing a command to one of your smart devices. Voice technology has made it possible to do just about anything hands-free and has made life easier for everyone.

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