Electronic Dictation System for Cardiologists

Fusion Narrate works with systems already used
Navigate and Dictate

Tired of losing your place? Need to reference data within the EHR, open websites, or place orders? Fusion Narrate allows you to continue to dictate while you navigate.

Fusion Narrate works with systems already used
Vocabulary and Substitutions

Administrators can add proper names, acronyms, and other custom terms at the organization, group or individual level. Individual users can manage personal vocabulary and substitutions independently.

Fusion Narrate works with systems already used
No Device Limits

Fusion Narrate can operate on an unlimited number of devices, PC or Mac. Allowing you to work where you need to when you need to, wherever your day takes you. A single cloud-based profile is shared by all devices, no need to synchronize or worry about corrupt profiles.

Focus on Exceptions

Set up standardized templates in advance (e.g.“review of systems”) and update just the sections that are remarkable.

Fusion Narrate works with systems already used
Insert Text

Add routine blocks of text with a simple voice command.

Easy to work with - Exceptional support - Untethered - Undemanding

The Dolbey Difference


"Dolbey offers excellent customer service. Everyone has been very professional, courteous, and helpful."
Dr. Kanu Patel, Physician

"Dolbey is always there to support us, which is the most important thing to us. They take our suggestions and help make sure we can accomplish the things we want."
Practice Manager

"When choosing a vendor I needed a good customer support team and Dolbey has exceeded our expectations."
Director, Health Information Management


Vision Clicks computer tasks

Vision Click

Imagine being able to harness the power of your voice to click on anything you can see on your computer. Insert template text, open and search a website, or navigate through the patient chart easily without using the keyboard. Let Vision Click™ eliminate repetitive tasks, prevent click fatigue and reduce provider burnout while completing charts in half the time of typing and easily navigating through your EHR.

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