The Rise of Digital Health & How it Helps Improve Patient Care

We become more digital every day. We order our groceries online, shop for clothing online, research online, read online, and can even attend medical consultations online.

We’re shifting to a digital-driven environment and as time passes by, we’re hungry for more. Digital health may be the next big step.

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Save Time & Treat More Patients: How Voice Technology Can Help Different Medical Practices

Voice technology has become an integral part of our daily lives without us even noticing. All of our smart devices – TVs, phones, watches, computers, and speakers – have made it easy to get what you want with just your voice . You can call your best friend, hear the latest news, do some online shopping, play music or even control your house’s lighting by issuing a command to one of your smart devices. Voice technology has made it possible to do just about anything hands-free and has made life easier for everyone.

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10 Healthcare Technology Trends to Leverage in 2020

Technology has become such an intrinsic part of our lives that we hardly ever notice it anymore. Got a question? Google. Want to read a book? E-readers. Need to keep up with friends and family? Social media. Just want to sit back and relax? Netflix. New technology trends are permeating every aspect of our lives, including one of the most important aspects: healthcare.

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How to Improve Patient Experience & Satisfaction

There are many benefits to improving the patient experience and increasing patient satisfaction levels. Here, we’ll discuss why the patient journey should be a focus for your organization and how to improve patient experience.

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Disruptive Technology – The Dolbey Difference

Larger software companies within the healthcare industry are directing resources at maintaining current technology to protect their share of the market and preserve their customer base.  This strategy, while practical in the short-term, can lead to complacency and open the door for smaller, more agile companies to develop solutions that meet the needs of a constantly-evolving industry.  With the development of solutions that address the gaps in current technology and at the same time dedicating resources to create alternative technology, these organizations have become quite the disruption in the marketplace.

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Better Time Management for Healthcare Professionals with Fusion Narrate

Stop Wasting Your Time!

Does your workflow consist of unnecessary or repetitive tasks?  Does navigating your EHR have you daydreaming of your next vacation destination?  Time management for healthcare professionals can be especially complicated.  Unnecessary or repetitive workflows eat into your day and can have both a financial and mental cost.  Knowing how valuable your time is, why waste any of it on inefficient workflows?

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Fusion Narrate: A Speech Recognition Software Tailored to Your Needs

Are you searching for the best speech recognition software for your healthcare facility or other business? Do you need something that is tailored to your needs, highly accurate, simple to use, and easily scalable? With today’s technologies, that goal is more achievable than ever before. Read on to learn more about speech recognition:

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Speech Recognition and Clinical Work

Guest Blog by Emergency Room Physician, Thomas Lang, MD

At first, when I used speech recognition in creating clinical notes, I didn’t like it at all. At that juncture in time, there was a transition from paper and what I call ‘straight dictation’ (that is, a transcriptionist would type out for me what I had just rattled off into the dictaphone) into a more digital and automated world. At that time, speech recognition simply wasn’t very good, requiring way too much editing by the user. Accuracy of speech recognition has dramatically improved recently.

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A Positive Disruption

Harvard Business School professor, Clayton M Christensen coined the phrase ‘disruptive innovation’, also referred to as ‘disruptive technologies’, in 1995.  Disruptive innovation is the process by which a product enters the market with simple applications and then steadily works its way up, eventually displacing established competitors.

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