Better Time Management For Healthcare Professionals With Fusion Narrate

Stop Wasting Your Time!

Does your workflow consist of unnecessary or repetitive tasks?  Does navigating your EHR prompt you to consider your next vacation destination?  Time management for healthcare professionals can be especially complicated.  Unnecessary or repetitive workflows eat into your day and can have both a financial and mental cost.  Knowing how valuable your time is, why waste any of it on inefficient workflows?

It is easy to maintain the status quo simply because “that’s how it has always been”.  However, when you are not optimizing your workflow properly, the results can be costly.  When you improve your efficiency you can realize positive results in many areas.

    • More individualized, high-quality care for your patients
    • Additional time in your day for what is important to you
  • Improved satisfaction with your EHR and your job
  • Reduction in stress levels

Sound interesting?  With Fusion Narrate you can experience all of these benefits!

6 Fusion Narrate Shortcut Automations to Save You Time

Fusion Narrate makes it easy for you to optimize your workflow with the use of built-in and custom shortcut automations.  Save time, clicks, and frustration with the use of easy-to-create automations that allow you to complete multi-step tasks with a single command.

In addition to Shortcut automations, Fusion Narrate also offers:

  • A HIPAA-compliant mobile keyboard app
  • The ability to use a smartphone as a microphone
  • Unlimited number of devices with just one license
  • An easy-to-use Shortcut Builder to create simple or advanced automations
  • Ability to self-edit, send to an editor or utilize both methods
  • Centralized administration to run reports, perform auditing and create and share shortcuts

Utilizing Deep Learning (DL) powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), Fusion Narrate provides a superior level of recognition.  Specialty-specific topics containing words that are most frequently referenced are assigned to users to bolster recognition. With a high level of out-of-the-box recognition, you can focus on caring for your patients.

The possibilities are endless when creating shortcut automations.  They are customizable to your EHR or workflow and assist with workflow efficiency and time management allowing you to focus on what matters, patient care!  Here are six shortcut automations our users have created to save time, money, and clicks.


Another provider, a cardiologist, reported that for every patient they saw the EHR required them to fill out the same elements of disposition.  This process required multiple mouse clicks and utilizing several dropdown menus for each patient.  By creating a “Disposition’ shortcut automation the provider was able to complete the necessary data elements for each patient with a single voice command.  The provider estimated that this saved him at least 30 seconds for each patient.  If the provider sees 20 patients a day, the shortcut saves them 10 minutes a day, 50 minutes a week, over three hours a month and nearly 40 hours a year!  Essentially the provider was able to gain a full work week each year with the creation of just one shortcut automation.  Imagine what you could do with an extra week a year?

Start Day

Most days you come to work and log in to the same applications or websites.  This requires multiple log-ins and remembering different passwords with a variety of requirements, all while staff lingers to ask questions and patients wait to be seen.  Imagine turning on your computer and dictating one voice command to take care of all of those steps.  Saving you time and frustration and allowing you to begin your tasks sooner.  Creating a ‘Start My Day’ automation allowed one user to do just that.  Eliminating frustration and allowing the user to get started on the business at hand saved time and money at the start of every day!

Break It Up

If you have a large amount of text to dictate, you may encounter issues with word count limits in your EHR fields. One of our customers experienced this exact situation.  Their EHR would lock up if a dictator attempted to dictate more than 800 words at one time.  This required a reboot of the system and re-dictation of the text.  The solution was to create a Shortcut automation which the site titled ‘Break It Up’.  The automation split the dictated text into 700-word segments and added each section to the target box individually which prevented the system from locking up and the provider from needing to re-dictate. The site was able to create and share this shortcut out to all of their Fusion Narrate users saving an untold number of hours each month and increasing provider satisfaction both with Fusion Narrate and the EHR.


Simple tasks add up when you have to do them countless times a day, even tasks that you do outside of Fusion Narrate.  For one admin user utilizing Fusion Narrate, repetitive tasks that are performed each day can now be accomplished with one voice command. The creation of the ‘Reset’ shortcut automation provides consistency in processes, increases turn-around time, and delivers a higher level of service and satisfaction.  This is just one example of how Fusion Narrate can be utilized for tasks outside of Fusion Narrate or by end-users other than healthcare providers.

Medication Name

Filling out prescriptions can account for a significant amount of time for some healthcare providers. One provider reported that when they prescribed a specific medication it required 20+ keystrokes and mouse clicks in the EHR to complete the prescription and documentation process.  The provider created a shortcut automation that was titled with the name of the medication.  The provider was able to prescribe and document the medication with just the one voice command.  Now the provider focuses on the patient rather than the computer resulting in an increase in patient and provider satisfaction.

Normal Physical Exam

When you’re documenting a “normal” physical exam, you have to memorialize the same information for every patient. Many patients have a “normal” examination and one Fusion Narrate user responded that this required them to perform at least 15 mouse clicks and scroll down the page to items that were not initially visible.  By creating a ‘Normal Physical Exam’ shortcut automation, the provider was able to eliminate the need to put their hands on the mouse or keyboard while documenting the patient visit and was able to keep their attention on the patient instead of the computer.  By sharing the shortcut automation with the other Fusion Narrate users at the facility, every provider who performs a ‘Normal Physical Exam’ is now able to save 15 seconds per examination.  Over the course of a year, this shortcut saves hundreds of hours across the facility.

EHR: An Elaborate Toolbox that Fusion Narrate Can Improve

Dolbey and Company, Inc. has been providing award-winning products and service for over a century.  Fusion Narrate is our latest product that, in conjunction with your EHR, can improve patient care and streamline workflows.  With Fusion Narrate there is no need to involve your EHR vendor, setup can be completed in minutes and you will be on your way to adding time and satisfaction back into your day.  Better yet, Fusion Narrate can work in applications other than your EHR allowing you to capitalize on the automations to streamline all aspects of your workday.

Fusion Narrate is designed with the needs of the healthcare community specifically in mind. The system is customizable so that you can deliver the highest quality of care possible to each of your patients while realizing more time in your day to focus on what is important to you!

Start A Trial Today!

If you’ve ever found yourself thinking “there has to be a better way”, then you need to check out Fusion Narrate.  Whether you are looking to streamline your workflows, reduce click fatigue, improve patient care, boost job satisfaction, spend more time at home, or all of the above, Fusion Narrate is the right product for you!  Visit to start your free 14-day trial today!

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