Cut daily documentation time by 25% or more with Fusion Narrate

  • Behavioral Health Specific Vocabulary
  • Fully HIPAA Compliant
  • Works with any EHR or Word Processing system
  • Document faster with more detail and fewer mistakes
  • More time for what is important, your patients

Fusion Narrate

Lots of Outstanding Features

Fusion Narrate works with systems already used
Vocabulary and Substitutions

Administrators can add proper names, acronyms, and other custom terms at the organization, group or individual level. Individual users can manage personal vocabulary and substitutions independently.

Fusion Narrate works with systems already used
No Device Limits

Fusion Narrate can operate on an unlimited number of devices, PC or Mac. Allowing you to work where you need to when you need to, wherever your day takes you. A single cloud-based profile is shared by all devices, no need to synchronize or worry about corrupt profiles.

Transcription Feature
Centralized Administration

Ensure user satisfaction and adoption with the ability to run reports, perform auditing, create and share shortcuts and even send user notifications from the Administration Console.

Transcription Feature
Wireless Microphone

With Fusion Narrate use the iPhone® or Android mobile phone as a microphone for the computer. It's included, just download the app.

Fusion Narrate works with systems already used
Mobile Keyboard

A custom keyboard app allowing users to work securely in any app on an iOS mobile device without sacrificing HIPAA compliance.

Reliability so good we guarantee it!

Is unplanned downtime interfering with your workflow? Fusion Narrate offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee, and an impressive record of meeting it, month after month. Contact us for more information.

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Fusion Narrate Shortcuts

Our shortcuts are so easy to create it feels like cheating

Insert Text

Add routine blocks of text with a simple voice command.

Open Web Pages

Access clinical reference content while dictating.

Record Keystrokes

Quickly and easily record a series of keystrokes to be replayed with a voice command.

Wherever you work

Office, Clinic, Hospital, Home

PC or Mac

One license, one profile, log in anywhere

However you work

Whether you prefer to self-edit, send-to-editor,

or a combination of both,

whatever works for you Fusion Narrate can do!

Easy to work with - Exceptional support - Untethered - Undemanding

The Dolbey Difference

Works With Every Device

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